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Purchasing Services Announces the Availability of a Sharps Disposal Program For All Members of the Perelman School of Medicine

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Purchasing Services in collaboration withThe Office of Environmental Health & Radiation Safety and the Perelman School of Medicine's Office of Space Planning and Operations is excited to announce the availability, to all members of the Perelman School of Medicine, of a sharps disposal program integrating reusable sharps containers. The vendor chosen for this program is Curtis Bay Energy. Based upon a comprehensive pilot program we know that this offering will increase laboratory safety, facilitate compliance with environmental regulations, and benefit the environment. All laboratories using this program over the past three years have expressed their satisfaction with the program. The program will be available on July 1, 2013 to laboratories housed in CRB and the STRC. A phased expansion of the program to all laboratories in the PSOM will continue through the fall of 2013 followed by expansion to the entire Penn community in the spring of 2014.

This is a fee for service program. In order to participate, potential customers will need to complete a Customer Information Sheet and provide a valid PO number for Curtis Bay to create a customer account. For further information please consult the Customer Guide. Customers will pay for the disposal of sharps based upon the weight of the waste disposed. Current pricing is set at 59 cents per pound. The average weight per container is 10 lbs but individual containers may weigh as much as 20 lbs. Please take this into consideration when encumbering funds for your PO.

Curtis Bay will supply each laboratory with the appropriate number of reusable sharps containers to replace their existing disposable containers. Curtis Bay will go directly to your laboratory (once/week or as needed) to collect filled sharps containers and replace them with clean empty containers. As the program grows Curtis Bay waste technicians will be on campus 5 days a week. This program benefits the University in the following ways:

  1. Facilities compliance with infectious waste regulations and increases safety:
  2. Saves lab space and research dollars:
  3. Is environmentally friendly and supports Penn's green programs:

The recycling program will not replace all the small bench top sharps containers. Curtis Bay will provide only 18 gallon containers to our labs. Therefore PI's will no longer be required to purchase the large expensive containers, autoclaving will not be required (saving time and energy), and there will be a decrease in the total amount of infectious waste (incinerated) disposed of by Penn. Only the large disposable containers will be replaced with reusable containers. Small (1 and 2 gallon), disposable, bench top containers will still require purchase by investigators. The smaller containers can be disposed into the larger containers provided by the Curtis Bay.

Sharps containers will be provided and collection will begin one week following creation of your account with Curtis Bay. Additional information is available on the PSOM SPO web site and EHRS web site.



Mike Kohr (Curtis Bay Energy), Penn's Customer Service Manager
cell phone: 610-301-2913

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