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New Media Placement Process

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A new company (Annodyne) has been identified to temporarily replace Compas Inc. to fulfill media placement needs. Annodyne will be in place until a permanent solution is achieved. Since this is a temporary solution, you will not be required to create purchase orders for your requests, Purchasing Services will be receiving one University - wide invoice from Annodyne and journaling charges back to your departments.

Moving forward, the process outlined below should be used for placing your media with Annodyne.

  • Email requests should be sent to using the Media Request Form. Any request made not using the form will not be fulfilled.

  • Annodyne will assign a unique job number to each request.

  • Annodyne will provide an estimate for the advertisement. If creative services are required, Annodyne will provide a separate estimate. Job will not move forward until the estimate is approved.

  • Once estimate is approved, Annodyne will create a work order for the placement. The work order will include such information as department and its 26 digit Budget code, job number, publication, description, and price. If the final cost of the Work Order is significantly higher than the original estimate due to unforeseen issues, an additional approval will be necessary from the ordering department before placement.

  • Once ad is placed, if the department has requested notification on the Media Request Form, Annodyne will supply proof of placement.

  • Annodyne will invoice the University Purchasing services and Purchasing services will journal back to the departments using the 26 digit budget code.
  • If you have any questions while processing your orders, Bob Clements with Annodyne will be your contact. He can be reached at

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