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How to Buy Green Products

Penn - Green Campus Partnership Purchasing Services is committed to green purchasing by encouraging our preferred contract suppliers to identify products that promote environmental stewardship in their online product catalog in the Penn Marketplace. Faculty and staff are empowered to select environmentally friendly products directly from participating Penn Marketplace suppliers.

Participating marketplace suppliers currently offering environmentally friendly services and products in their online product catalog include:

Office Depot

Penn's preferred contract supplier of office and related technology products has expanded its offering of environmentally friendly office products in the Penn Marketplace. The Green Book catalog, a subset of the Office Depot's complete product catalog, features over 3400 environmentally friendly products.

Recycling Containers

A wide range of Rubbermaid and Safco Recycling Containers are now available in the Office Depot online ordering catalog in the Penn Marketplace.

Copier Paper

Office Depot® Brand Envirocopy Recycled* Copy Paper #680-017 (green-top box, 8 x 11, 20 lb., 92 Brightness, 30% PCR content) is now available in the Penn Marketplace for an additional cost of only $1.93 per case over virgin paper.

Recycling Program

Purchasing Services has partnered with Telrose and Office Depot to provide easy, convenient and GREEN recycling programs for ALL your used ink and toner cartridges.

Rather than shipping your used ink or toner cartridges individually, Telrose is consolidating shipments for the entire University. Your Telrose delivery person will pick-up used cartridges from your office, palletize them, and ship them in bulk to the manufacturer.

If you need a collection box for used ink and toner cartridges, please send an email request to Telrose Customer Service at and a box will be delivered to you free of charge.

To request a pick-up of your used cartridges, simply please send an email with your name, address and suite/office to

It's easy, it's convenient, it's free why wouldn't you RECYCLE?

Please direct all questions related to this program to Kathleen Lare at Office Depot.

Penn Branded Stationery

Publication Services supports the University's commitment to sustainability by utilizing a new earth-friendly, recycled-fiber paper stock for the Penn branded stationery. Penn branded stationery, available in the Penn Marketplace from Maximum Graphics, is printed on Mohawk Via 30% PC Bright White, which is made with 30% post-consumer process chlorine-free waste fiber. The electricity used to manufacture this paper is offset with 100% Green certified wind certificates. This paper is certified by Green Seal.

  • The selection of this paper was based in part upon the manufacturer's environmental performance. For more than thirty years, Mohawk Fine Papers has been taking actions to protect the environment. Mohawk's Environmental Management System incorporates measures which ensure biosphere protection and sustainable use of natural resources, materials, and energy. In August 2003, this commitment was demonstrated when Mohawk became the first paper mill - and then the only major US manufacturing company - to use wind-generated electricity.
  • Use Mohawk Fine Papers' Environmental Savings Calculator to estimate your project's environmental savings by using Mohawk Fine Papers.
  • The Greening of the Ivy League - Case Study

Please direct all questions for additional information on sustainable printing to Aiasha Graham in Publication Services.

Purchasing Services is always looking to promote new or improved green products and welcomes feedback. Please let us know if you become aware of a new green product that works well, and has a market here at Penn.

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